Timber vs Metal Fencing: What to Consider

Although there is a huge range of fence styles to choose from, only two main materials are used for building them – metal and wood. When deciding which material is right for you, it is important to consider a number of factors.

  1. Wood can become warped after enduring endless expanding and contracting cycles during the winter moisture and summer heat of the North Shore suburbs. Conversely, these natural elements will not damage steel and aluminium fencing, so once a structure is up, it will not require any weather related repairs.
  2. A wooden fence will break down over time and require repairs to keep the fence intact and strong.  This costs time and money no matter whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor. The correctly treated metal fence will not require these repairs or maintenance due to the natural durability of this material.
  3. Timber has a relatively inexpensive up-front cost for materials and installation. It is a cheap raw material which can be very easily cut, carved and hammered together. However, it does need to be remembered that there are ongoing costs associated with the upkeep of timber fencing, and these can add up over time. Metal fencing does tend to be more expensive up front, but because it is built to last there is little to no foreseeable future cost associated with its upkeep.
  4. Wooden slat fencing is relatively easy to break through, especially when they have been weakened by the elements. On the other hand, a potential intruder would need to use a grinder of some type, and the noise from this would alert anyone in the area to their presence. Steel fencing can also be topped with scrolls, crosses and other pointed tips, making it more difficult to scale than a wooden fence.
  5. There is a definite visual appeal to the warmth and charm of wood. Wooden fences complement the design and landscape of a traditional style property or country home very well, and we all understand the ‘white picket fence’ ideal that many people picture when they visualise their dream home. Aluminium slat fencing suits more modern architecture because the clean lines and block colours give a more contemporary look. Ornate tubular steel fencing lends a luxurious and grand element to almost any style of property.



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